When you’re future husband is so handsome, you just have to snap a pic to send the girls! 😉  That’s the start of Erica and Ramiyus’ sweet and somewhat unexpected meet-cute. Fast-forward, and that same guy Erica snapped pictures of at the car dealership where they met would be down on one knee in Aruba asking for her hand in marriage. Spoiler alert: she said yes! And as for that first picture, when the bride admitted taking it, the groom responded, “had I known how to do it, I would have done the same!” Watch Erica and Ramiyus’ sweet wedding by T. Miller Films, then read more about this “picture perfect” couple below.

From The Bride:

We met in the spring of 2013 at the local Porsche dealership, in Richmond, Virginia. While waiting in the service area, Ramiyus walked in eating McDonalds. I asked if the smell bothered her and she laughed. This sparked a conversation. We talked for some time until Ramiyus left to go look at cars in the showroom. Ramiyus then noticed that I was getting into a car that was identical to his. I shouted, “Hey, you’re getting in my car!” Once again, I laughed him off. It was then that he decided to take a chance and ask me for my number and a date. I remember being so impressed that he asked in such a gentlemanly way, that I couldn’t resist. I gave him my number and the rest is history!

Side Note: I later told Ramiyus that I took several stalker pictures of him and sent them to my friends while he was talking. He told me that had I known how to do it, I would have done the same!

If Ramiyus asked for a date in such a gentlemanly way, we have to know how he proposed!

Ramiyus and I were traveling to Atlanta for a wedding during the week and decided to extend our time by going on vacation to Aruba the day after the wedding.  The next day after arriving to Aruba, I woke up and Ramiyus was gone.  I assumed he went to work out, so I nonchalantly went on with my day.  Once he returned, we got dressed and hopped on the hotel’s boat to their private island, where we enjoyed a day of massages, lunch and relaxation on the beach.  At some point I noticed the hotel staff rearranging this archway and moving chairs and thought, “Oh, someone must be getting married, nice!”  While literally floating in the water, Ramiyus jumped up and yells, “I have to go to the bathroom!”  Annoyed, I suggested that he go to the one on the island, but he insisted on going back to the room.  After about an hour later, as I am asleep in a chair, he resurfaces and immediately asked that I join him for a drink.  Being my stubborn self, I told him I was ok just relaxing and he should try it!  He sauntered off, defeated, so after a few minutes I decided to get into the water.  As I was sitting with my back to the beach, a couple came floating up and sparked up a conversation.  Ramiyus then joined us after about 15 minutes.  Out of nowhere Ramiyus pulls me aside, all serious, and is like, “I need to talk to you.”  We get up and start walking.  At this point, Ramiyus is acting so weird, I start thinking in my head, “Is he breaking up with me?!”  We walk and then turn right into the same archway that I had seen the hotel staff working on.  I look up and I see camera phones out and just remember Ramiyus saying, “What I am saying is, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”  He then points, tells me to look down in the sand, in which it had, “Will you marry me?”  I turn back around and he’s on one knee!!!

After I accepted, I then learned that the staff, the couple who sparked up the conversation and others on the island were all in on it!

We LOVE the gown to jumpsuit transition! How did you pick your outfit for the ceremony and reception?

Randomly, a coworker came into my office and said she won tickets off of the radio for the big bridal show at the Convention Center.  She said she heard I was getting married and wanted to give them to me.  I was excited because my mom was coming into town from Florida, so the timing was perfect!  Before the show, my Mom begged me to go to David’s Bridal.  I must admit, I was NOT feeling it, but I obliged.   I can say now, I did not have the best attitude, but tried on dress anyway.  Once we did not find anything, we left for the bridal show.  While at the bridal show, there was a runway show, sponsored by David’s Bridal.  My mom and one of my best friends were busy looking at the models when the last dress came out.  When I saw the dress with the cape, I knew that was it.  We ran back over to David’s Bridal so that I could try it on.  I asked the saleswoman if they sale a lot of these and she said, “No, it takes a special bride to pull it off.”  I knew then, it was the one!

Once I tried my dress on, I knew I wouldn’t be able to dance comfortably and actually ended up purchasing another dress, that I never wore, from David’s Bridal,.  I would have worn a jumpsuit as my wedding dress, but my friends and mom were not having it (neither was my fiancé at the time, lol).  So, I said, What if I have a jumpsuit for the ceremony?”  After my Mom agreed, my wedding planner put me in contact with a designer.   I knew I wanted it to be functional, yet with a wedding flair.  We decided on a jumpsuit with a train and as you see from the video, I was in full Beyonce mode!

How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them? 

Out of nowhere I get a text from my girlfriend, along with the link to the T. Miller Films website, that simply stated, “I found your videographer, thank me later.”

Another friend and I, along with her husband, sat and watched all of T’s wedding videos one Saturday.  By Monday, he had the job.

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day

How nervous I was!  I am usually really cool in situations, but I was beyond nervous up until after we exchanged vows.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

To be honest, I enjoyed going to bridal shows the most.  I would always have my friends and/or Mom with me and we would have the best time looking at décor and sampling food.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

Do not allow the wedding to consume you.  Do not take things too serious, but instead focus on your love and the love of your friends and family.

Anything else our viewers should know?

Don’t sweat the small stuff on your wedding day.  Life will happen, but remember what you are there for, to celebrate your love.


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