Most envision their wedding being filled with sunshine and clear skies, so it’s no surprise that the most unexpected thing about this couple’s big day was the rain. But as lovers of the outdoors, this bride and groom embraced all that mother nature threw their way. Kylie, the bride, says their wedding photos turned out even better than if it was sunny, with the rain adding an element of romance. She continues, “Everyone kept telling us that the rain on our wedding day only meant good luck so we feel pretty lucky to have been blessed by the summer showers on the greatest day of our life.” Watch Kylie and Kyle’s wedding by Miller Media Films, then read on to learn more about this sweet couple.

From The Bride:

Kyle and I first met on a walk at the park down by the Columbia River. After a nice walk, and long conversation, he asked me if I would like to go get dinner and margaritas at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants. The laughs and good conversation continued and before the night was over, he was asking me when he could see me again. Mountain drives where we could overlook the surrounding rolling hills, picnics, dinner dates, and BBQ’s with friends shortly followed and the rest was history.
Mine and Kyle’s love story is simple. We were both a couple of small town kids with bigger hearts than the average person knew what to do with. We both experienced heartbreak as well as our fair share of letdowns. However, it only made us stronger, heightened our expectations, and taught us exactly what to look for in our future spouse. When we met, everything just clicked. It was such an amazing feeling for me to experience the same kind of love in return as the love I was giving. It was something I had never experienced prior. Kyle has a calming demeanor, huge heart, and is all around the most amazing man. He loves his family, his dog, his career, and of course, hunting. He is a hard worker and puts everyone’s needs and wants above his own with no hesitation or the least bit of resentment. I love him for the wonderful man that he is and I have no doubt that our life together will continue to be amazing for all the years to come.
We decided to get married at Brown Family Homestead near Lake Wenatchee, WA because it is a place of utmost beauty that encompasses the people we are, how we were raised, and what we foresee introducing aspects of to our children. Since we share a love for the outdoors, the horses, mountains, wildflowers, lake, barns, fields of tall grasses, as well as much more that are included with this venue, were just too perfect to pass up. We scheduled a tour of the venue where we learned that the only Saturday available in all of 2017 for a wedding was Saturday, June 10th. We decided right then to book it and were beaming with joy. It is dear to our heart and we couldn’t have imagined getting married at a more perfect place.
Our wedding day was like a fairytale. It almost makes me speechless thinking about how perfect it was to get married in a beautiful setting with love all around and all of our favorite people in one place. It is something we will never forget. Having our big day filmed was definitely one of the greatest wedding purchases we made. This video brings us to tears each time we watch it and the thought of being able to show our future children our wedding day, pulls on our heartstrings. We can’t thank Tina Phillips from Miller Media Films enough for perfectly capturing the best day of our lives.

SO sweet that you read your letters out loud to each other! Tell us what was going through your head in that moment.
We both wrote heartfelt vows that we read to each other in private along with our videographer and photographer nearby to capture the moment.  We couldn’t decide who should read theirs first so we did rock, paper, scissors, which was pretty comical. 🙂 Kyle read his first and all I could think about was how truly blessed I felt to have found the love of my life.  Tears kept welling up in my eyes as I listened to him pouring his heart out to me and it gave me such a wonderful feeling to know that from that day forward we would live in bliss as husband and wife.
Your wedding perfectly captured that romantic rustic look! Are there any must-haves for other couples trying the recreate that look?
To capture the romantic rustic look, we incorporated a lot of wood, lace, soft florals and greenery, candlelight, string lights, deer antlers, and a little sparkle.  Many of our decorations I made by hand and we absolutely loved how everything turned out.
How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them? 
We discovered our videographer, Tina Phillips from Miller Media Films, by stumbling upon a video she had filmed of someone that I went to school with.  I then went to her website and watched other videos she had filmed and put together and each one was a complete masterpiece.  She is so artistic and I teared up watching each video, so I knew I needed to reach out to her and see if she could film ours!  She was so wonderful to work with prior to the wedding, during the wedding, and continues to be equally as awesome after the wedding.  She was a big part in helping our day go smoothly and when she wasn’t filming, she was fixing my veil, making me laugh, and helping ease some nerves.  There isn’t anyone else in the world that I would have wanted to capture the magic of our big day.  We are forever grateful for her.  

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

The most unexpected thing about our wedding day was definitely the rain.  I had always envisioned getting married on a warm, sunny day but the rain decided to throw a curve ball.  It added stress at first because each time we would start posing for pictures, it would just start pouring.  Each downpour only lasted for 5-10 minutes, but it really made it tricky to get those pictures in.  Later that afternoon our ceremony was supposed to begin at 4 p.m.   It was raining so hard at that time and we decided to postpone the wedding for 10 minutes.  Right as we took our places to walk down the aisle, the sun came out and it was absolutely beautiful!  It rained a couple of more times throughout the ceremony and then was sunny for our entire reception.  Looking back on our day, the rain just added romance and our pictures actually turned out better than if it had been sunny.  Everyone kept telling us that the rain on our wedding day only meant good luck so we feel pretty lucky to have been blessed by the summer showers on the greatest day of our life.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

My favorite part of our wedding journey was simply making my visions become a reality.  I spent countless hours searching for exactly what I wanted, making decorations, finding the best vendors, deciding on the gifts for our wedding party and family members, finding the perfect songs to encompass our day, etc.  While I was doing all of this, Kyle was there every step of the way and was extremely supportive.  He helped make some of the most important decisions.  We are so happy with how everything turned out and we wouldn’t change a thing if we could!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

My #1 piece of advice for future brides is to enjoy every moment and let the small stuff go!  There will always be things that come up that are not how you planned but just roll with it because the day will turn out beautifully no matter what.  As we entered our reception, it felt like a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders because all of the important things were done and all that was left was just to have a great time celebrating with our family and friends.  A second piece of advice is to try to say hi and hug as many wedding guests as you can right when the reception starts because it literally flies by!  With cake cutting, dances, bouquet and garter tosses, etc.  the night kind of gets filled up and it’s really hard to see everyone.  The fact that we had all of our favorite people in one place made our hearts feel so full but we do wish that we could have seen and talked to everyone.

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