Watching Amanda and D’Angelo’s vineyard wedding by Joshua Bryan Cinema, it’s easy to see why they love their video so much! It captured all the beautiful details of their day, from the rose gold color palette to their adorable pit pups walking down the aisle. Watch the video and read our interview with the bride, where she shares why their video was the best investment and why it was so important to include their dogs.

From The Bride:

D’Angelo and I met back in 2012 after connecting on Twitter through some mutual friends. It was my birthday and he messaged me to wish me a happy birthday. I never thought anything of it at first, but something beautiful blossomed from his choice to message me. We formed a one of a kind friendship that, to this day, is amazing base of our relationship. We are best friends. The day I knew I had completely fell in love with him was when we stayed up all night long on the phone while he was driving home from college in a Georgia. That 8 hours on the phone was the beginning of something so special- we both knew it.

Once we became engaged in 2016 and began planning our wedding the first venue we visited was Morais Vineyards. We completely fell in love, it was a done deal. Our amazing team of vendors helped make our Chic and Glamorous Rose Gold Wedding a dream come true!

Tell us more about including those adorable dogs in the wedding ceremony! 
We have three pit bulls and anyone who knows us or follows us on social media knows how completely obsessed with them we are. I am a huge advocate for the breed and absolutely loved being able to defy norms and show people that our dogs are well behaved and raised the right way- so much in the way that we could incorporate them in our wedding. When I first mentioned it to my mom she was like, “What….? Are you serious?” (Not in the disappointing way). Her tone was filled more with wow, you guys really do love your dogs. I think she was more nervous than me the day of. You never know how an animal is going to act, they are unpredictable so my expectations weren’t very high when it came to their cooperation. My mind was filled with thoughts such as, “please don’t over lick our guests” and “ please please please don’t decide to take a dip in the pond.” They were absolutely amazing and everyone loved the post wedding puppy kisses.
How did you think to do a donut bar for dessert? We’re obsessed!
So the donut bar has always been a dream of mine, believe it or not, and it made the choice easier because my (now) husband doesn’t like cake or icing. We made a deal that I could get a small cake just to keep the tradition of cutting and cake smashing, but I let him decide what other desserts he wanted on the bar aside from donuts. When he heard the word donut, there as no other debate- he was sold!
How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them?
So I am a wedding photographer outside of being an educator. I idolize so many people in the creative industry that it made choosing my photographer and videographer SUPER hard. When I chose our photographer, Hope Taylor, I chatted with her about videographers she recommends. It just so happened to be that one that she recommended had already been on my radar. Joshua is so incredibly talented and I may have been slighting obsessed with his fiancé’s photography as well. When I first brought it up to my mom of getting a videographer she had so many questions (that I didn’t know the answers to at the time), but after showing her his work she fell in love. I have to say up to that point it took a lot of convincing, but looking back she is SO happy we did it.  

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

The most unexpected thing of our wedding day had to have been when my husband and his frat brothers who are all members of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., formed a circle around me during the reception and sang a song to me. I couldn’t keep my eye off of my husband and it for sure created an amazing and unplanned memory for the both of us.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

My favorite part?! Oh my goodness. I have no idea there were too many to count. I think my favorite idea had to have been the decision to have a snow cone truck during our cocktail hour and reception. When I was in college I worked at a pre-school and we would have a truck by the name of Kona Ice, come to our school and serve the kids snow cones. Even tho that was 7 years ago I remember their company name and inquired about our wedding. Rob was amazing to work with and was so excited to be apart off our big day. Not to mention, it was a HUGE hit. Getting married when its 96 degrees outside is rough, but I’m sure our guests forgave us quickly once they got their snow cone.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

My number one piece of advice would be to hire a videographer. I know that many people are on the fence about whether or not if that investment is worth it, IT TOTALLY IS. Those action filled memories will forever be so special to us. We’ve been married for two weeks and I have easily watched our highlight film 100 times!

Anything else our viewers should know?

Have fun during the wedding process and really make sure to take it all in. Don’t stress about the small stuff & make wonderful memories for the both of you guys, your families, and your friends.

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