This bride and groom met at the most romantic place – a wedding! – which set the scene for their own love story to unfold. Their introduction to each other? “Blair this is Lucia. Lucia this is Blair. You both studied abroad in Ireland. Go!” Needless to say they hit it off, making it hard to say goodbye that night, but easy to eventually say yes to a long distance relationship! After a first date in Boston, a second in Dallas, then a move together to California, they ended up right back where they started – at a wedding. But this time it was their own! And it’s BEAUTIFUL. After watching Lucia and Blair tie the knot in their beautiful video by Grover Films, read below to find out more about this sweet couple’s journey to the altar.

From the bride:

Lucia and Blair’s story begins with a wedding of mutual friends in a small town Indiana. Neither Lucia or Blair knew each other, but as fate would have it, Kait, Lucia’s friend did. She was determined to introduce them and watch the rest unfold…

< Blair enters room to see Lucia talking with Kait >
< Kait notices Blair and quickly grabs his arm pulling him toward Lucia >
KAIT: “Blair this is Lucia. Lucia this is Blair. You both studied abroad in Ireland. Go!”
< Kait exits scene >

As it turns out, Blair and Lucia had numerous shared interests. An hour and a half had passed before they were interrupted by a fellow-groomsmen in search of Blair.  It was time for dancing. Blair reached out his hand to Lucia in hopes that she would accept his request to dance. She graciously accepted and followed him to the dance floor.

After the wedding, Blair and Lucia started to learn more about each other with Facebook messages. Lucia was moving to New Hampshire in less than a week, and Blair had just moved to Texas. Separated by distance, they found themselves FaceTime-ing daily. About a month after their meeting Blair flew to Boston to meet Lucia for their first official date!  They soon turned a chance meeting at a wedding into a full-blown long distance relationship.

After one year and many months, Blair and Lucia finally moved to California so they could be together. One particular morning Blair decided to wake up Lucia for an early morning hike. Lucia surprised Blair by agreeing to an early morning hike, but then he surprised her with a ring! Now over four years later, Lucia and Blair’s story continues as they live out their lives with one another.

What song played during your first dance, and how did you pick it?

We had so many songs that resonated with us as a couple, but when it came down to it, we wanted to choose something that was timeless and with lyrics that encapsulated the hurdles we’d been through. For us, that song was ‘Bloom’ by the Paper Kites. After doing long distance for so long, all we really wanted was to be “closer.”

How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them? 

We looked on many wedding websites, Yelp, Facebook, and word of mouth to find an array of videographer options. Blair and I are both hobbyist photographers, so we knew what we were looking for. We wanted to find someone who was technically very savvy but also had an eye for cinematic flair. Grover films did just that and more! They noticed and captured the candid moments that reflected our personality.

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

It’s hard to say, we spent over a year planning, obsessing over the details for our wedding, and imagining what it will be like. Most everything went according to plan, however, I did come down with laryngitis the night before, that was a surprise!

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

We encountered so many adventures along the way. We made friends with vendors, we accidentally stayed on a riverboat hotel when visiting a venue, and we did so many fun crafts! My absolute favorite was the moment that it really sunk in that we were about to get married.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

Everyone has heard this before, but when planning a wedding, people don’t remember the details that you have spent hours making, or the linens that you have selected, they will remember the way your wedding made them feel. At the beginning of the planning process we chose three goals for our wedding. We wanted it to feel like a giant family reunion, an intimate ceremony, and to end with a dance party!

Anything else our viewers should know?

Everyone will be vying for your attention because you are the celebrities for the day. Don’t forget to take some time for yourselves to catch your breath and soak in the life altering event that just occurred.

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