“My dad has been singing to me since I was a little girl. Dad was always able to keep the perfect tune: in the laundry room, while cooking dinner, and on long car rides up to our family cottage.” – the bride

BRB, pulling ourselves together! How incredible sweet is it that Justin, knowing that Ashley’s dad used to sing to her as a little girl, asked him if he would sing them through their first dance together as husband and wife. Read our interview with the couple and watch their sweet video by Mitten Films.

From the bride:

Imagine looking down the hospital hallway to see a tall man, with a silly looking vest on, walk into your patient’s room. Being the protective nurse you are, you approach this man and say, “Hey, who are you? What are you doing in my patient’s room?” As this illusive man turns around, your eyes lock, and you feel your heart race. He states, “I am the volunteer, I talk with the patients to make them feel loved and give them a listening ear.”

One month later, Justin, this illusive, tall man whom I latched eyes with, asked me out on a date. Seven months later, after Church, Justin asked me to go for a walk on the river trail, and get some ice cream with our friends Andy and Kara. Kara then stated she wanted to take some photos on “the bridge” to test out the lighting on her new camera. I could never pass up ice cream or photos!

As Justin and I were walking on “the bridge” Kara was taking fun photos of us, making conversation and memories. Next thing I know, I turn my head to look at some trees, and as I turn back, Justin is bending on one knee with a box in his hand. I knew I wanted to marry Justin the first time I looked into his eyes, but his proposal was the ultimate seal of our love for each other.

Eight months later, we became Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Ashley Klein. A traditional Catholic ceremony followed by an elegant, rustic wedding, in our family friend’s barn, was the perfect touch to our holy matrimony.

We are truly living happily ever after, in our little farm community.

Those mismatched bridesmaids dresses look so great together! How did you decide on the different colors and styles? 

One week after the proposal, we asked all ten bridesmaids to be a part of our wedding. Seven bridesmaids are sisters, one is a cousin, and two are best friends. I had heard from women in previous bridal parties that “I hated my bridesmaid dress,” and “Oh I’ll never be able to wear that thing again.” With this in mind, we all drove to Renee Austin’s Bridal Shop together. Both of my maid of honors picked out their favorite sequin dress in the store, and I picked out the rest of the bridesmaid dress colors and styles around the two sequin dresses. I picked out five dress styles, and amongst them, allowed my bridesmaids to choose what they felt most comfortable in! They loved that I was open to letting them have a say in the dress that they were paying for and having to keep forever J

What a sweet first dance – and it looks like you had a guest sing during it! Tell us more.

My dad has been singing to me since I was a little girl. Dad was always able to keep the perfect tune: in the laundry room, while cooking dinner, and on long car rides up to our family cottage. At our engagement party, Justin and I asked my dad to sing our first dance to us. He bashfully accepted our offer and stated he was honored. Let’s just say the tears were flowing as his voice resonated throughout the barn. It was a magical moment; my husband holding me so tight, and dad singing his heart out to us.

How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them? 

Our wedding videographer, Jamie Ball, happens to be my cousin! She started her own company called Mitten Films and travels throughout Michigan and other states to shoot couple’s special day. Jamie was the perfect match for our wedding day. She had a second shooter, Ian Ball, which is her husband. The two of them made a dynamic duo, capturing our most intimate moments. Jamie and Ian are patient, creative, and calming. They brought a sense of peacefulness to Justin and I, which made us feel so comfortable in every step we took. Their creativity has so much depth by taking videography beyond what meets the eye. Every time we watch our wedding day video that Mitten Films has created for us, we get to re-live our emotions of our exciting and joyful day!

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

Justin and I purchased a gorgeous new sattee chair for the two of us to sit in at our head table during dinner. It looked stunning under the sparkling chandler, front and center for all the guests to see. We excitingly made our Grand Entrance and headed for our head table. Justin pulled the chair out, we both sat, and as I took my seat the leg on my side of the sattee chair broke. I was mortified and instantly used my leg to balance the chair out. We laughed to each other because it appeared that nobody else had noticed! Thankfully, as we stood to go get dinner down the buffet line, our friend took the sattee outside and brought us two foldable chairs. It wasn’t my idea of perfect, but it sure makes for a good laugh!

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

Justin and I agree that the wedding processional was our favorite part of our wedding journey. Justin walked both sets of parents and grandparents down the isle, which was a very emotional moment for him. Following was the bridal party of twenty. Justin states, “Watching our family and friends process down the isle really built up the moment I knew was coming, your Grand Entrance.” My dad and I were behind the church doors, whispering our last “I Love You’s”. The pianist began to play The Wedding March, and then the church doors swung open. At last, I was able to see the face of my sweet husband. Everything felt so right in that moment, and as my dad placed my hand into Justin’s, I felt at home.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

 Talk everything through with your fiancé! The wedding day is just as meaningful to the groom as it is to the bride, so it’s important that the grooms be included in the wedding planning. Justin was an integral part of our wedding planning. Allowing him to make decisions and pick out things really makes the wedding and reception something both of us contributed to. It helped us communicate throughout stressful times, and it helped getting to know Justin’s style a little better too.

Justin’s advice to grooms: If there are parts of the wedding that you have strong opinions on, make sure you communicate that immediately once the planning begins. Otherwise decisions could be made that are totally different from what you had in mind. As Ashley stated, communication is very important and is best to make decisions together.

Anything else our viewers should know?

Have fun and enjoy the day. Don’t stress about every little detail. The mistakes are funny and will be memorable for years to come. Most of all, it truly is the BEST DAY EVER!

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