On their second date, this groom gave his bride three options: ice skating, a movie on the pier, or mini golf. After she picked an option from the list, he surprised her with a call saying “scratch that I just bought tickets for the Lumineers concert at the Greek…pick you up in two hours!” Three years later on their anniversary, this bride was presented with three more date options. This time, they actually went on one of the dates, but the surprise was even bigger – he proposed! They started the day engaged and ended it surrounded with friends, family, and even a hand written poem all orchestrated by the groom. After reading about the most amazing day-long proposal EVER, watch Amy and Dan’s sweet wedding by Thomas Howell from Heart and Soul Videography.

The way Dan asked you on a first date is so sweet – we have to know how he proposed! 
On our second date Dan gave me three options…1) Ice skating, Movie on the pier, or Mini Golf. I picked movie on the pier. He called me 10 minutes later and said…”scratch that I just bought tickets for the Lumineers concert at the Greek…pick you up in two hours.” That was the night he knew he had found “the one” and I knew as well. We danced and had the most amazing time.
Back to the proposal. He took me to lunch and gave me 3 options. It was our 3rd year anniversary, so I didn’t think anything of it and connect it back to that second date. I choose option 3: Concert in the park. We started driving and we turn up towards Griffith Park. He parked the car in front of the Greek Theater and proposed right there…just the two of us, bringing back all of those same feelings from the second date. After the proposal he suggested that we go have a drink where we met (our local dive bar, Shellbacks, in Manhattan Beach). When we arrived I walked into the bar to about 40 of our closest friends and family members from all over the country. His Family from Chicago, my family from Colorado, and my best friends from Wisconsin and San Diego were all there. As I walked into the bar I was greeted by the first of 12 roses, each one owning a piece of a poem Dan had written. Each one delivered by one or more person that’s played a pivotal role in Dan’s and my life together. It was overwhelming to say the least. The last rose and the last line of the poem was held by Dan. We celebrated with friends and family for a few hours, but what seemed like minutes. Immediately following Dan grabbed the families and pulled us off to dinner at our favorite local spot in El Porto (or North Manhattan Beach as it’s formally called) before finally getting home. Taking a breath. And soaking it in. Dan coordinated what ended up being an entire day for our engagement.
How did you find your wedding videographer and what made you choose them? 
Thomas did such an amazing job with our film. He captured our day so perfectly and now we can relive it whenever we want! We found him on Wedding Wire. We loved his artistic style and the moment we spoke on the phone we instantly clicked. He was so personable and friendly.  

What was the most unexpected thing about your wedding day? 

The most unexpected thing about our wedding was how fast the day was. I know other couples who have been married always tell you it goes quickly…but wow does it ever. Dan and I were having so much fun it flew by.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?

Besides everything being my favorite part? If I had to pick there’s two. First is being hands on, doing everything ourselves, and crafting – it made our wedding personal and something we got to do together. The second was being able to do it with our families – the support they gave us through all of it was more than we could ever thank them for.

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides? 

During the middle of your Reception walk away with your husband for 5 minutes and take it all in. Watch everyone dancing and having a great time. Look at the decorations you worked so hard on for months. Remember what everything looked like and smelled like. Take in a moment with just the two of you. It was the favorite part of our whole night.

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