(Rachel and Justin’s Wedding: Charlevoix MI, 2013)


I’m Rachel and I live in Brooklyn, NY with my husband, Justin. Justin and I met in Kindergarten (adorable, I know!) and we were married in Charlevoix, MI in 2013. Like all brides, I spent HOURS on the internet searching for venues, shoes, hairstyles, bridesmaids dresses etc. Pinterest was too crowded and the photos often didn’t match the sites they led to; the popular wedding blogs were too curated — they only showcased the most magazine-worthy weddings (which meant valuable inspiration from everyday brides was excluded) and the traditional wedding planning sites were too “planny” and focused on logistics. I needed information, but also inspiration.

Somehow all my hours online paid off and my wedding was my best day ever. Sometime later, back in NYC, I was still following all these wedding sites and blogs when I came across a wedding video, which led me to watch another wedding video, and then another….

Wedding videos are beautiful and inspiring — even if you don’t know the couple! But typically a bride has a wedding video made, shares it with a small group of family and friends, and then it sort of disappears into the internet. What a shame! I realized these videos were the resource I was missing when planning my own wedding: they’re emotive and aspirational but also full of practical information, and ideas.

If Love Stories TV had existed when I was wedding planning, I would have benefited from watching this barn wedding (which had long tables just like mine), been inspired by the cake in this lakefront Conneticut celebration, and realized I wanted a half-up hair style after watching this bride. And even though I knew I wanted my MOH to wear white (so we could look like Kate and Pippa, obviously) the bridesmaids dresses from this beach ceremony would have been so helpful when I was searching for styles!

So, that’s how the idea for LoveStoriesTV.com came to me and came to be. I hope Love Stories TV can become the largest collection of wedding videos in the world so it can help couples planning their weddings but also so it can help surface some of the most beautiful and cinematic love stories I have ever seen. I promise if you watch a few, even if you aren’t planning a wedding, you’ll be hooked.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the site! Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or ideas: RachelJoSilver@LoveStoriesTV.com and I really hope you share your wedding video if you have one!