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Love Story Of The Day: Groom’s Emotional Letter to the Bride Will Make You Sob

Alexa and Alex’s wedding video by Philip James Films will captivate you all the way through — especially their sweet note exchange, which you definitely need to watch all the way through below! Read our interview with Alexa for more deets on her gorgeous dress from Allure Bridals and the custom wedding logo (so cool, I know) she and Alex created for their big day.

How did you and Alex meet and fall in love? Tell us your love story!
Alex and I met in 2010 through our Greek Life activities at East Carolina University. As we both took on leadership roles within our respective fraternity and sorority, we began interacting more and more, coordinating a philanthropy event together and even stumbling into each other serendipitously in an elective “History of Jazz” course. As we continued to spend time with each other, we knew that we had developed a great connection with one another, and despite the fact that I took a job in Beaufort, South Carolina, Alex and I knew that we could not let go.

We continued seeing each other after I had graduated and moved to a new city. On Memorial Day Weekend of 2012, immediately following my graduation, we took a beach trip to Avon, North Carolina, a small town on Hatteras Island that had held a special place in both of our hearts. The town would become even more special to us, as that weekend Alex and I officially began our relationship on the shores of Avon, on May 27th, 2012.

Over the next 4 years, Alex and I would drive many miles back and forth to each other. From Greenville to Beaufort, and from Columbia to Charlotte, with every mile we drove, the stronger our relationship grew. After a long long-distance relationship, we finally had the opportunity to settle down in the same city, making Columbia, South Carolina our first home together. It was at that point in time that Alex knew he could not wait any longer, he says he had to ask me to be his wife. So we made another trip back to Avon, and on the same beach that Alex had asked me to be his girlfriend in 2012, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, and I ecstatically said “Yes!”
Alex and I got married on our 5-year anniversary, May 27th, 2017.

Your entire bridal look is perfect, obsessed with your hair and that dress is stunning. Will you tell us more about your beauty team (hair + makeup) and who designed your dress?

That means so much, thank you! I worked with Silverceiling Beauty Consulting out of Wilmington, NC for my trial, bridal portraits and day of hair and make-up. Kelly Farrell is the Director and is super energetic and passionate about her brides and their wedding day. Silverceiling uses high-definition airbrush make-up and completely customized my look! I had an entirely different color palette for my trial session and for my wedding day ended up going with the color palette that Kelly and I became obsessed with from my Bridal Portraits. The Silverceiling team was outstanding when it came to my hair, I have a lot of it and it gets very heavy when it is up for a long period of time. After my trial, I was able to express this to Kelly and her and her team brainstormed and were able to structure the base differently so that it dispersed the weight evenly. Not only did my hair turn out picture perfect and as classic as I wanted it, but it also did not give me a headache on my wedding day!

My wedding dress is an ivory lace gown by Allure Bridals, and features contour straps and crystal beading at the neckline with a key hole back with a fit and flare shape. I bought my dress from Coastal Knot Boutique in Wilmington, NC, those girls are so much fun and really helped me find that dress that made me feel like myself! I wanted a wow factor in the front and in the back of the dress and this Allure gown definitely gave me that!

How did you find your videographer and what made you choose them?
Each January there is an event called Courtyards & Cobblestones in Wilmington, NC. A handful of local venues are chosen and assigned a designer, florist, photographer, videographer, caterer, entertainment, etc. These vendors work together to create a design concept and run with it! On the day of the event, Brides are able to tour each of the venues, see the vendor’s work and talk one on one with the vendors at each venue. This was by far the best and most beneficial wedding expo that I attended. Not only was it local to where Alex and I’s wedding would be held, but I could see the creativity of each vendor first hand. When Alex and I attended, we already had our Photographer Theo Milo selected, based on recommendations from family friends. We were on the hunt for our Videographer! I had spent hours watching wedding highlight films online and crying over and over. Philip James made my short list and happened to be the videographer assigned to the venue that our wedding designer would be at as well. Alex and I met Philip and immediately loved his relaxed personality and eagerness to hear our love story. Alex did not mind having much say in a lot of the wedding planning, however, when it came to Videography, he was adamant that we use Philip James Videography!

What was the most unexpected part of your wedding day?
Going into the wedding day you understand that this is going to be the most special day in your life. All of your friends and family are there to support both of you, the love you have for each other and your future together. However, it was not until Alex and I were standing in the middle of our Reception that we truly understood what all the married couples close to us had meant. The amount of joy, love and support we felt on our wedding day was immeasurable. Looking around and seeing all of the closest people in our lives in one place was so comforting and fulfilling. It’s hard to say that we will ever have that many of our closest family and friends together at one time again, Alex and I will cherish those moments and feelings forever.

What was your favorite part of your wedding journey?
Alex and I had so much fun planning our wedding day. If I had to pick out one of my favorite parts, I would say picking out all the special details to make our day unique and meaningful to us was the most fun! For example, I wrapped my bouquet in my grandmother’s bridal handkerchief that she made and that my mother also used. Both of my grandfathers have passed away so I wanted a part of them with me on my wedding day, I attached one of their fishing lures and the other’s fraternity pin he had given me to the handkerchief. The date of our wedding, May 27, was exactly five years from the day Alex asked me to be his girlfriend. Alex is a huge sports fan and bought each of his groomsmen and the fathers their favorite sports team socks and they all wore them with their tuxes. Another part of our wedding was our wedding logo – with our names being so similar, Alexa and Alexander, we wanted to come up with a logo for our wedding day that had my name inside of his to capture this rare coincidence!

What’s your #1 piece of advice for future brides?
Do your research and form your own opinions. There are so many amazing and talented vendors, gorgeous venues and fantastic musicians, you will receive a lot of recommendations from friends and family – take this helpful information and do your own research. The style of the photography may be wonderful, but it may not be the style you were imagining or the venue may look stunning but maybe it doesn’t have a space for you and your girls to get ready and that is something you had envisioned. Everyone’s Perfect Day is different, spend the time doing the research so you can make your day, Your Perfect Day!

Anything else our viewers should know?
Everyone will tell you your wedding day will fly by, be sure to sit back and take in the moment! This is 150% correct, it does fly by and before you know it, it is over and you are sitting in your honeymoon suite with your HUSBAND scarfing down a large pepperoni pizza. Alex and I did sit back and look around us several times on our wedding day, however, it is so hard to remember clearly each of those moments throughout our day. When I want or need a quick reminder of those butterflies of excitement, I watch our highlight film and those feelings come rushing back along with the tears! Think hard about choosing to have a videographer at your wedding, if it is the cost, maybe cut down a little on another aspect, I doubt you will remember or notice that your removed the peonies from your center pieces, but with film of your day, you will be able to relive your wedding day over and over again.

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