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12 Stunningly Unique 2017 Weddings That Every Engaged Human Needs to See
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Team Love Stories TV has loved watching the unique ways couples are choosing to celebrate their marriage. So, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite weddings to inspire your own. Plus, even if you’re not planning a wedding, these videos are just good for the soul 🙂

1. Mathew + Zainob by The Brothers Martens. The stunning shots of Antigua set to a reading of “Hinterhof” by James Fenton are sure to captivate you from the very start. Pay special attention to the bride’s gorgeous wedding dress — Zainob designed it herself at the very last minute.

2. Morgan + Michael by Love Story Films. Brides who are looking for the perfect boho backdrop will be obsessed with this elopement, shot at the beautiful sand dunes of Glamis, California.

3. Claudette + Jonathan by Parfait Productions. Not interested in wearing white on your wedding day? Let Claudette be all the inspiration you need. She wore a blush pink wedding gown inspired by the day Jonathan proposed to her, and it was BREATHTAKING. Just ask Jonathan, who was definitely floored when he saw Claudette in it for the first time.

4. Vincy + Louis by Matter Video. Nestldown, a charming wedding venue in Los Gatos, California, is basically the closest thing you can get to an IRL fairytale. The cute cottage sits in a forest that is obviously enchanted — perfect for Disney-loving brides.

5. Davana + Hardeep by Integra Films. This stunning Indian ceremony set against the backdrop of Jamaica is beyond beautiful. Stay tuned for the the epic dance party toward the end of the film because it’s seriously reception GOALS.

6. Lisa + Ben by Carolina Wedding Films. This amazing couple did their own wedding décor, flowers, and landscaping. And built their wedding venue. NBD.

7. Kristin + Marshall by Filmstrong Productions. Calling all ~adventurous~ couples! Kristin and Marshall celebrated their wedding with close family and friends hiking around Yosemite National Park. There’s even a s’mores night. (Um, CUTEST.)

8. Gloria + William by Julia Swell. Julia Swell’s documentary-style footage perfectly captures the heart and soul of this Paris wedding. Favorite moments include the groomsmen getting ready together before the wedding, and the couple’s happy courthouse exit.

9. Jeanine + Vera by Hauke Wedding Films. This Cape Town wedding is the romantic, candle lit soirée of your dreams.

10. Katie + Vivek by NST Pictures. Katie and Vivek celebrated their marriage with an Indian ceremony and a Western ceremony, both of which were beautiful. Their video opens with beautiful footage of the Baraat, a South Asian wedding tradition where an elephant is used to bring the groom to the bride. The shots NST Pictures captured of the bride, groom, and elephant against the New Jersey beachfront are insanely gorgeous.

11. Shelly + Joe by Everly Films. This stunning cliffside wedding in Arizona will change the way you think about elopements, trust. For more on their sweet love story, read our interview with the bride.

12. Lauren + Van by Livemore. This couple turned an airport into the perfect wedding venue. Love!

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