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The 15 Most Captivating Real Love Stories From 2017

At Love Stories TV we watch wedding videos all day long, and for us, the most memorable moments are always about the couple’s story — how they met, why they love each other, and all of the amazing moments they’ve shared together. These stories below are some of Team LSTV’s favorites. They will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry, and most importantly, leave you feeling hopeful for 2018. Bookmark this page and come back every time you need a pick-me-up, because love is real, y’all.

1. Kaley + Rob by PurelyRuined Studios. Kaley and Rob met at Disney World, were engaged at Disney World, and had a Disney-themed wedding. Magic!

2. Anna + Elias by Citrus Ceremonies. Both avid runners, Anna and Elias got engaged during a marathon.

3. Zavion + John by Hauke Wedding Films. These grooms collectively planned over 600 weddings before their best one yet — their own. Read their amazing love story here.

4. McKayla + Aaron by Yellow Productions. Aaron, a war veteran, became blind after IED exploded near his face. His longtime family friend McKayla reached out after his injury, and they fell in love during his road to recovery.

5. Christina + Calvin by True Artists Studio. Fans of The Office: Meet the real-life Jim and Pam.

6. Molly + Luke by Love Story Films. What happens when two filmmakers produce their own wedding video? This masterpiece <3

7. David + Kennan by Sonnet Wedding Films. One groom texted the other the day same-sex marriage was legal in their home state that they could get married. So they did!

David sent Kennan a text message that said, "Hey! We can get married now!" Watch them tell the story in their beautiful wedding video by Sonnet Wedding Films.

Posted by Love Stories TV on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


8. Anna + Chris by Justin Peay and Kevin Johnson. Filmmamker Justin Peay gifted a wedding video to this couple after learning the story of the bride’s father’s medical miracle. Read more here.

9. Erica + Ramiyus by T. Miller Films. Their meet-cute involves McDonald’s and it’s amazing.

10. Soniya + Rashid by Nikos Fragoulis Videography. Soniya and Mohammad met at a charity they both volunteered at. They spoke for a few minutes, but never thought they’d see each other again. They way they reconnected will give you chills.

11. Britt + Jeremy by Jonty Herman. Former The Bachelor star Britt Nilsson knew Jeremy was the one before they even met face-to-face. Read their heartwarming story here.

12. Amy + Dan by Roman Howell Films. Amy and Dan met by chance in a bar on a Thursday night. You have to watch Dan and Amy tell the story of how she fell for him (Spoiler: It involves one epic text 😀 )

13. Kelsey + Donnie by Agave Creative. They met in preschool, which is obviously the cutest thing ever. Read our interview with Kelsey for all the deets and her best tips for planning a wedding in three months.

14. Nick + Bryant by Film Foto Fusion. Nick, who was fighting stage 4 brain cancer, was told he wouldn’t make it to his wedding day. He did, and Film Foto Fusion was there to capture everything, from the couple’s inspirational vows to remarks from their closest friends and family about what Nick and Bryant’s love has meant to them over the years.

15. In Memoriam: Danielle + Richard by Happy Camper Film+ Photo. After a diagnosis that changed their lives, Danielle and Richard, who had been perfectly happy living in love for 17 years, decided to celebrate their love with the vows of marriage. Read their inspirational story, here.