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The 5 Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations on Love Stories TV
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UPDATE: The most popular wedding destinations are NOT Hawaii or Vegas. Love Stories TV took a look at all the elopement-style weddings filmmakers submitted to Love Stories TV to get a sense of the most popular destination wedding locations chosen by couples featured on our site. We were surprised — and also delighted — to see so many unique and beautiful destination weddings take place stateside and around the world. Topping of our list is (drum roll, please) Florida! The Sunshine State is followed by California, Mexico, France, and North Carolina. Get major inspiration for your own wedding by watching our favorite elopements from these popular locations below.

1. Berekia and Jean’s Florida wedding by DensmediaThe sunset at this Florida harbor is the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous wedding.

2. Lillian and Kayne’s California wedding by Life.FilmLillian and Kayne literally get married in the forest and yes, it’s breathtaking.

3. Alisia and Heather’s Mexico wedding by Sea & Love Wedding Films. Cancun is a popular wedding destination for a reason: It’s stunning.

4. Kelly and Edouard’s France wedding by Justin Vaudaux & Akaki PopkhadzeThis church in Cannes is the most serene location ever!

5. Amy and Dale’s North Carolina wedding by Heart Stone FilmsAmy and Dale’s NYE wedding will get you so excited for 2018!

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